Information for clients accessing counselling or psychotherapy

If you have been struggling to cope and are not able to afford to pay for private treatment, we can offer counselling for up to one year at low-cost. We ask that you agree to pay what you can realistically afford (usually starting at £15 per session) and we then top up the rest of the counsellor fees which are paid direct to the counsellor.

If you would like to access low-cost counselling for up to a year:

  1. Have a look at the ‘Our Counsellors‘ section of this website.
  2. Contact a counsellor you would like to work with and explain that you took their name from our website and are looking for a reduced fee.

There is no need to contact us – the counsellor will do this if you decide to work together.

Please note that our ability to subsidise counselling is dependent on our funding situation. We are not an emergency crisis service, if you are in urgent need of help, please contact your GP who may refer you to the appropriate NHS resource for example Steps to Well-being in Dorset.