Here are some examples of the feedback we have received:

“Thank you very much for a life altering and life enhancing experience. I’m so pleased the charity exists to provide this kind of service. I find it difficult to express just how useful my sessions with my therapist have been and I’m so pleased and grateful to have had the opportunity to access this kind of service.”


“I don’t know where I would have been now if I had not been given this opportunity. It has changed my life.”


“I think the service allows a lot of people to be able to receive long-term treatment when in normal circumstances we wouldn’t be able to continue due to expense. I feel the service is amazing and has saved my life. My counsellor has saved me; I owe everything to them.”


“Having the opportunity to continue counselling throughout a time where finances were tough for me has been invaluable. It meant that I was able to continue receiving therapy, maintain continuity and consistency in my own personal development and growth. Had I not had access to counselling in this time I believe I would have taken quite a step backwards in my progress and I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am today.I can’t say thank you enough for the financial help I was given, I am grateful that my journey was able to continue to unfold.”

“I started counselling at DTCP shortly after a bereavement, which brought to the surface deep-seated personal issues that I needed to address.   I could not afford to pay full private counselling fees and was satisfied with the affordable amount DTCP charged me for each session, having assessed my means.  The most important thing for me was to feel comfortable enough to be able to speak candidly and share my innermost thoughts and feelings. 

From our first meeting I knew I was in a safe and judgement-free environment and over the course of weekly sessions my counsellor  supported me to face my issues and suggested techniques and tools to help me overcome problems and manage my response to them.  I was supported throughout the lockdown periods of the COVID-19 pandemic via audio and video calls. 

At the end of my counselling journey I am in a much better place and it feels good to know that should I ever feel I need it, I can seek support through DTCP in in the future.   I cannot praise this service enough and have already recommended DTCP to others looking for counselling.”

“As a newcomer to counselling, I have been delighted with the benefits that it has brought.  This year has been tough for many of us and I have looked forward to my sessions with my counsellor who has supported me with both underlying issues that have been troubling me for many years as well as more immediate challenges.  The feeling that my counsellor totally understood my worries was hugely strengthening and the exercises that we did together have helped me to recognise positive aspects of myself and my life.  I am enormously grateful to my counsellor and The Dorchester Trust for giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

“I’m so pleased that I contacted the Dorchester Trust and spent time connecting with who I am and what I feel and think .It is the best self care I have given myself for 54 years . And now I can enjoy in my future a better understanding of my needs and how that can help me .I have recognized that I have emotional cleverness even though I’m dyslexic.”